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EP on Wikipedia (But For Long?)

Someone was kind enough to put together an article on Eclipse Phase on wikipedia. In traditional wikipedia form, however, the article is already up for deletion. Wikipedia frowns on people/companies who edit their own articles, so we're keeping our hands off of it, but if you think the article should stay, we recommend you head over to the discussion and voice your opinion, as well as contribute facts and details to the wiki article itself. The point of contention is EP's "notability" (apparently being BoingBoinged, Slashdotted, and optioned for film didn't boost our Rep scores enough!). Perhaps it would help to point out that EP is the first roleplaying game to be released by a large publishing company under a Creative Commons license.

Character Creation Examples

We're thrilled at the reaction to EP so far and the fun people seem to be having with the game and setting.  For those of you who are thinking of starting up a game and wondering how character creation is here's a link to a thread at rpg.net where people are having a blast tossing out character concepts and then creating them.  It's got a lot of good information on how certain things work and discussions of various morphs and skills.

It also has the King of Sparta, an open source morph entrepreneur, and more discussions of Surya goodness. 

EP Wiki

As noted in the forums, Bastlynn has set up an Eclipse Phase fan wiki over at http://www.firewall-darkcast.com/wiki/welcome-firewall-dcs-wiki. We're really excited to see a fan project like this get set up so quickly -- in fact, she set it up the day after GenCon, after we discussed it at a seminar there! We're eager to see how it develops, so we encourage everyone to check it out and contribute!

Clarification about EP Books at Gencon

Some of you have pointed out to us the copy of EP available on ebay.  The listing incorrectly calls it a Gencon exclusive.  I'd just like to reiterate that this is incorrect.  The EP core books that we sold at Gencon will be the same ones that will be in your FLGS sometime this Fall.  Additionally the text and pictures will be the same on the pdf that should be available any day now.  The only unique thing about the ebay one is that it's signed by 'authors' but we're pretty good about doing that for anyone who asks.


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