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Sunward Nominated for Origins Awards

We're pleased to announce that after winning the Origins Award for Best Roleplaying Game in 2010, Sunward has been announced as a nominee for the 37th Origins Awards in the category of Best Roleplaying Supplement.

The nominees are an amazing batch of titles:

Sunward: The Inner System (Eclipse Phase) - Posthuman Studios
A Song of Ice and Fire Campaign Guide (A Song of Ice and Fire) - Green Ronin Publishing
Our World (The Dresden Files) - Evil Hat Productions
Advanced Player's Guide (Pathfinder) - Paizo Publishing
Sixth World Almanac (Shadowrun)- Catalyst Game Labs

Next PDF Adventure Coming Tomorrow!

We will post our next PDF-exclusive adventure, Ego Hunter, within the next 24 hours! 

Ego Hunter is a short adventure for Eclipse Phase. Players take on the role of different forks of the same person who work together to track down their original (alpha) self, who has gone missing and is wanted for murder. They soon find the situation is even more complicated and dangerous than it seems.

Ego Hunter was designed as a one-shot scenario using both provided characters and sample characters from the Eclipse Phase core rulebook but can also be modified for use in an ongoing campaign.

The download package will include the adventure PDF in both portrait and landscape formats.

Posthuman 2010 Year End Review


Posthuman Studios was actually founded back in 2008 by Rob Boyle, Brian Cross, and Adam Jury. At the time, two of us were working with Catalyst Game Labs, which had just gotten started a few months earlier after the collapse of FanPro. Between the three of us we had two games that we wanted to see published, so we established Posthuman as a holding company for the IPs of those games. We licensed our first game, Eclipse Phase, to Catalyst Game Labs and worked with them to bring it to publication in 2009.

In 2010, we decided to part ways with Catalyst, so we ramped up Posthumans operations in order to lay the foundation for an independent creative studio. Our first real year as an independent business was a thrilling, if trying, time for us. We are both a small and virtual company consisting of three owners (we operate collectively) and no physical offices. In order to produce our games, we work with both a stable of awesome freelance staff and a publishing partner, Sandstorm Productions, which assists us in getting our games into print and distribution.

Successes and Failures


Graceless is a new Creative-Commons-licensed PDF magazine that bills itself as "a journal of the radical gothic." Their first issue features an interview with Eclipse Phase co-creators Rob Boyle and Brian Cross about EP, Posthuman Studios, and politics. The issue has a number of other interesting interviews and articles so check it out!

Gatecrashing in Stores!

It's February 2nd, and that means Gatecrashing should be in many game stores by now, and in others soon! However, as you probably already know, there are a ton of snowstorms throughout the United States right now, and those conditions are probably delaying some shipments. So give your local store a call first, before dropping in!

Gatecrashing takes you through the mysterious Pandora Gates:

  • The 5 solar system gates and the factions that control them
  • 30 extrasolar locations of interest to Firewall
  • Exploration operations and hazards
  • New morphs, new gear, and rules for gate use

Browse Gatecrashing with these delicious previews:

Gatecrashing Street Date - February 2nd

Posthuman Studios and Sandstorms Productions are happy to announce that Gatecrashing, the next sourcebook for the award-winning Eclipse Phase RPG has a street date of Wednesday, February 2nd!

Gatecrashing takes you through the mysterious Pandora Gates:

  • The 5 solar system gates and the factions that control them
  • 30 extrasolar locations of interest to Firewall
  • Exploration operations and hazards
  • New morphs, new gear, and rules for gate use

Gatecrashing Cover

We have a few previews of Gatecrashing for you to check out if you haven't seen them yet, and brand new one, also!:

Gatecrashing Preview and PDF Release!

We have another preview for Gatecrashing today -- this one includes the writeup on the exoplanet colony Sky Ark. This colony's focus is on providing a refuge for and repopulating the wildlife on Earth -- and also bringing extinct species back to life. It features a fantastic piece from Tom Garden of, hell yes, a synthmorph riding a dinosaur.

Download the preview here.

Even more exciting then the preview, however -- the Gatecrashing PDF is now available for sale on DriveThruRPG, just in time for the holidays! This is a PDF of the full book (clocking in at 200 pages), and like all of our PDFs, it is layered (for easy printing), bookmarked, and hyperlinked.

Gatecrashing Preview: Gatecrashing Ops!

Check out our next preview of Gatecrashing—the first four pages of the Gatecrashing Ops chapter! This is the "Gatecrashing 101" chapter: what humanity knows about the gates, how they work, the basics of a gatecrashing mission, and more!

Gatecrashing Cover

Dead Gatecrasher by James Wolf Strehle

(If you missed the first Gatecrashing preview, check it out here!)

Gatecrashing Previews, Price Change, and PDF Street Date

We are pleased to announce that Gatecrashing, our next print Eclipse Phase title, is at the printers and all things are going well. Gatecrashing is slightly bigger than Sunward, clocking in at 200 full-color pages.

We aren't quite ready to announce the Street Date yet, as the holiday season is well-known to play havoc with printing and shipping schedules.

Gatecrashing Cover

But before we get to the fun stuff of the next preview, we do have an important announcement, one that is less fun but necessary: Gatecrashing is going to cost $44.99 in print. Eclipse Phase titles are expensive to create and print, and to keep using the writers, artists, editors, and developers that have pushed Eclipse Phase to the quality it is at—both from a production and content point of view—we cannot sustain our titles at the previous price point.


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