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Vote for Eclipse Phase in the ENnies!

It's that time of year to click a few zillion times to cast your votes in this year's ENnies awards!

Eclipse Phase titles are up for multiple awards, so please check out the voting booth and vote smartly!

Product of the Year: Gatecrashing

Best Supplement: Gatecrashing

Best Writing: Gatecrashing

Best Production Values: Gatecrashing

Best Aid/Accessory: Eclipse Phase Gamemaster Pack

Best Electronic Book: Continuity

And we are also nominated for Publisher of the Year!


Gatecrashing Cover

Core Book Reprint Pre-Orders

The reprint of the Eclipse Phase core rulebook is now available for pre-order through Indie Press Revolution!

This is the 3rd printing of the core book. It includes all of the errata to date, new artwork (all of the art is now Creative Commons-licensed), a heavier paper stock, 2 bookmarks, and a few other touch-ups!

We don't have a street release date just yet, but we expect to have that nailed down soon. The books are currently in transit from printer to warehouse.

First Look at the Reprint

We got a couple samples of the core book reprint in directly from the printer. The book looks fantastic, and the heavier paper stock makes a notable difference in terms of size/weight. Check out these comparison photos below (I took them on my front steps for better light, since my apartment is a cave). The new reprint is on the left (with the Posthuman logo); old printing is on the right (Catalyst logo):

And here they are stacked, with the new printing on the bottom:

/sites/default/files/new core book spine.jpg

Have we mentioned that this version comes with two bookmarks?

Eclipse Phase at Dexcon!

Eclipse Phase GM Paul has let us know that he will be running two Eclipse Phase games at this years' Dexcon in Morristown, NJ. So if you're in the area be sure to swing by and check it out!
He'll be running Ego Hunter both Friday at 9am and Saturday at 9am.

If you are running any Eclipse Phase games at a convention let us know and we'll do our best to spread the word!

Still Looking for Some Gencon GMs!

Just a reminder that we still need GMs for Gen Con (August 4-7, Indianapolis, Indiana). This means that if you are going to Gen Con and would be interested in helping us out by running games please email Brian Cross, who’s coordinating our convention presence, at brian@posthumanstudios.com as soon as possible. For Gen Con we have already committed to running 20 games, a significant increase over last year, and all of them have already sold out. And Gen Con is really a place where we’d like to show off Eclipse Phase and provide an excellent experience for people who are new to the game.

GMs who sign up to help us out at Gen Con will be compensated by both Gen Con (see the official site for details) and Posthuman Studios will additionally compensate our GMs with either PS+ products or cash payment at a rate dependent upon the number of games run.

Eclipse Phase Now Available Through Indie Press Revolution!

We have some great news: Posthuman Studios books are now available for direct sale via the Indie Press Revolution online store. If you're looking for an alternative to ordering our stuff from Amazon -- this is it!

Currently we list Gatecrashing, Sunward, and the EP Gamemaster Pack. We won't be making our PDFs available through IPR, you'll still have to pop over to DriveThruRPG for those. We aren't list the EP Core Rulebook since it's currently out of stock and at the printer. When we make it available for pre-order we'll be sure to let you know!

Gatcrashing at IPR
Sunward at IPR

Eclipse Phase Third Printing Update and El Destino Verde!

It's a busy day at Posthuman headquarters as we have two releases—and one of them is the latest version of the Eclipse Phase core rulebook, to coincide with the upcoming third printing. There are some slight rules tweaks, some visual touchups, new pieces of art, and the PDF itself is improved with many hyperlinks and layers, so you can create your own print-friendly version on the fly. Still for the delicious price of only $15: Eclipse Phase at DriveThruRPG.com!

The third printing of Eclipse Phase is at the printers, and we will announce a street date for it when the books are in our warehouse and on their way to game retailers. If you are a retailer, we'll be providing you with some cool news about the reprint very soon!


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