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Damaged Book Bundles

As the business end-of-year approaches, we are faced with a small task that every publisher hates: disposing of damaged copies of our books. It costs us between $5 and $10 to print a typical Eclipse Phase book (just printing, not including any of the costs to write, illustrate, edit, layout, index, etc.,) so sending several thousand dollars of books to the recycler burns us; yes, we get to write those books off, but the lost potential revenue is much larger than that.

So in the tradition of experimentation, we are making two types of bundles of these damaged books available before we recycle the remainder:

* "One of Everything" -- for only $100, you get one copy of Eclipse Phase, one copy of Sunward: The Inner System, one copy of Gatecrashing, and one copy of Panopticon: Volume 1. There are only five of these bundles available! ($180 total value)

Eclipse Phase T-Shirts!

EP shirt front

We have a small selection of t-shirts left over from this year's Gen Con, so now's your chance to get one! This black t-shirt features the Eclipse Phase logo on the front and a black-and-red anarchist faction flag with the words "From each according to their imagination, to each according to their need" on the back. These are available in limited quantities, so get yours while they're still in stock!

EP shirt back

Catching Up

There's a slew of things we haven't had a chance to post to the blog lately, so here's a small drop of info to catch up:

* We have Google Plus pages now for Posthuman Studios and Eclipse Phase. Encircle us!

* Issue #4 of The Eye fanzine recently came out. This issue features an adventure hook (Dust to Dust) by Marc Huete and a collection of articles focusing on neo-avians and other uplifts.

* Kindalas posted an updated version of his excellent EP character spreadsheet (v .93).

More Gen Con, Resources Page Updates, and Amazon

For those folks who attended Gen Con and played in one of the scheduled Eclipse Phase games featuring a new scenario -- we'd love to get your playtest feedback. We will likely be publishing these scenarios in the future, so any comments on how the game what, how it might go better, any information that was missing, and so on will be helpful. You'll get playtester credit! Send your comments in using our Contact form.

On another note, I recently updated the fan creations on the Resources page. The new material includes:
* The 3rd issue of The Eye fanzine
* An updated character generation spreadsheet from Kindalas, including the new rules from Panopticon

Panopticon Street Date Announced, Preview #2, and Three Electronic Releases Tomorrow!

Posthuman Studios is pleased to announce that we will be releasing three electronic projects on Wednesday, August 17th, and that our upcoming print book Panopticon has a street date of August 31st!


You already know that Panopticon covers Surveillance, Habitats, and Uplifts! You've already checked out the Table of Contents; now have a peek at the Surveillance chapter before the full PDF becomes available for $10 on Wednesday!


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