Gen Con 2016 for Posthuman Studios & Eclipse Phase!

Gen Con is this week! This year we're at booth 459, and there's no time to waste, so let's tell you about the show!

Follow us on twitter at @eclipsephase and @ps_pub for updates!

New Eclipse Phase Titles

Our latest titles, X-Risks, Transhumanity's Fate, and After the Fall will all be available for sale at the booth! And you'll be able to walk away from the booth with a new Eclipse Phase t-shirt and carrying our limited run Octobag of Holdings!


Games at the Booth!

We'll be demoing Shinobi Clans all day at the booth, including Beat the Designer games against Jürgen Mayer at 2PM each day!

Posthuman Studios at Gen Con 2012, Part 1!

Posthuman Studios at Gen Con 2012, Part 1

The Best Four Days in Gaming start next week, and we'll be at booth #840 in the exhibit hall, hosting several seminars, and running games as well!

Stay Social for Updates!

We'll be using social media as much as possible during the convention -- please follow ps_pub on twitter and watch the #PS_GenCon hashtags!


Friday, at 2PM, in the Pennsylvania Station C at the Crowne Plaza, we'll be talking Posthuman Futures, covering company news, the last year, upcoming plans, and all that good stuff. This will be a great chance to hang out and chat, talk about Creative Commons licensing, our publishing style, or anything else!

On Saturday at 2PM in the Indiana Convention Center, room 201, we'll be hosting What's Up With Eclipse Phase?, where we talk about upcoming Eclipse Phase stuff and take audience questions and suggestions.

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