Why the Origins Awards Still Matter

Eclipse Phase: Sunward is up for the Origins Award for Best RPG Supplement this weekend at the Origins game fair. We're up against some stiff competition this year. And yet based on some posts I've read in various online gaming communities over the last few years, there are probably people out there asking, "So what?"

There's a perception that because the Origins game fair has declined in attendance since its heyday, the awards presented there are somehow less momentous than others in the gaming community. And then there's the fact that some important publishers in the industry have skipped submitting their products in recent years.

I'm not personally obsessed with winning awards. I write because I love doing it. However, for better or worse, awards are a boon to us in terms of keeping the business end going. So here's why I think Origins still matters:

Sunward Nominated for Origins Awards

We're pleased to announce that after winning the Origins Award for Best Roleplaying Game in 2010, Sunward has been announced as a nominee for the 37th Origins Awards in the category of Best Roleplaying Supplement.

The nominees are an amazing batch of titles:

Sunward: The Inner System (Eclipse Phase) - Posthuman Studios
A Song of Ice and Fire Campaign Guide (A Song of Ice and Fire) - Green Ronin Publishing
Our World (The Dresden Files) - Evil Hat Productions
Advanced Player's Guide (Pathfinder) - Paizo Publishing
Sixth World Almanac (Shadowrun)- Catalyst Game Labs

Nominated in the Golden Geeks!

Eclipse Phase nominated in 2 Golden Geek categories: Best Artwork/Presentation and Best Free Game.

Voting on this award has some requirements: "As usual, voting is restricted to either supporting users (having a supporter badge from any year is sufficient) or voters who pay a one-time 20 GeekGold fee, or users who have purchased an avatar."

If you fit those requirements, please go vote!

Eclipse Phase Nominated for Grog d'Or

Eclipse Phase is one of the twelve nominees for this year's Grog d'Or (Golden Grog) award. The award is chosen by the folks behind the Guide du Roliste Galactique, with the nominees coming from the games chosen for their website's game of the month (EP was the October 2009 choice). The list of nominees is:

    * Hollow Earth Expedition (Exile Game Studio, Sans-Detour éditions)
    * Barbarians of Lemuria (Beyond Belief Games, Les Livres de l'Ours)
    * Chroniques Oubliées (Black Book Editions)
    * Devâstra (7ème Cercle)
    * Aces & Eights (Kenzer and Company)
    * Eclipse Phase (Posthuman Studios)
    * Sable Rouge (7ème Cercle)
    * B.I.A. (Les XII Singes)
    * Yggdrasill (7ème Cercle)
    * Doctor Who (Cubicle 7)
    * Warhammer (Fantasy Flight Publishing)
    * Le Trône de Fer (Green Ronin Publishing, Edge Entertainment)

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