• Gencon Wrapup

    Thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth or sat down for a demo this past weekend.  We all had a blast getting to meet you and talk about the game to new and interested people. 

    The response to the game was awesome, it seemed like nearly everyone we talked to about it was excited to have a chance to play it and impressed with what we had on display.

    In case you missed it the big news was the announcement that the game itself will be out early 2009 and that the partial reason for the delay is that we're been given the go-ahead to do the core book in full color.  Yes that means you'll have to wait a bit long, but it also means you'll get to see more of the EP universe in vibrant colors. 

    So again thanks to everyone who came out, played a game, got a t-shirt or a poster, or who just asked questions.   We hope to see more of you in the future!

  • The Site is Live!

    Hi there!  If you're reading this then you've discovered that the site is live so allow us to officially welcome you to the online home for all things Eclipse Phase.  We're coming to you from Gencon where, if you are lucky enough to be, you'll be able to get more info about the game.  We will be running Demos at Gencon in addition to having t-shirts and posters and a few annoncements about the game.  So if you're here stop by and visit us at booth #1303/1307 the Catalyst Game Labs booth. 

    And even if you're not at Gencon feel free to register on the forums and start posing any questions or comments about EP you may have. 

        - The EP Design Team