• Mashups: Eclipse Phase vs. Don't Rest Your Head, part I

    A few years back at PaizoCon, my girlfriend & I played a really great game of Evil Hat's Don't Rest Your Head mashed up with the Cthulhu Mythos. The scenario was a sequel to "The Dunwich Horror" using DRYH/DLYM mechanics. It got me thinking about doing an EP/DRYH mashup, so this year, for PAX East, I wrote a scenario about some Lost Generation kids using DRYH's mechanics. I'll be sharing them here in a series of posts.

  • Transhuman Kickstarter: New Stretch Goals Unlocked!

    Our crowdfunding for Transhuman hit $45,000 yesterday, so we've unlocked two new stretch goals.

    Stretch Goal 6: Doctrine scenario, $50,000:

    Firewall sends a team into the belly of the beast -- the TITAN Quarantine Zone on Mars -- in search of a missing Pandora Gate researcher. Is this a legit mission, or a test of loyalties? And in the hellscape of the TQZ, does that even matter? Adrift aboard a derelict airship, the team must survive long enough to find some answers.

    I originally wrote Doctrine as a scenario for Gen Con 2010. At the $50,000 level, Rob Boyle & I will expand on the original adventure to create an episode suitable for insertion into campaign play. Some funds will also go toward commissioning art to accompany the scenario. Doctrine will be available in PDF and POD format, with the PDF included for all backers whose level includes our PDF catalog and the levels that include all PDFs released as part of the kickstarter campaign.

  • Five for the Future 05-01-13

    These and similar links can be found at

    Also, if you haven't seen it yet, check out the Kickstarter campaign for our next EP book, Transhuman!

  • Transhuman Kickstarter Updates!

    Things have been very busy since we launched the Transhuman Kickstarter, and keeping all aspects of our social media / websites / the Kickstarter itself is a big task. Here's a summary of what's happened so far!

    We launched the Transhuman Kickstarter late on Tuesday night, and by noon on Wednesday we had already reached our initial funding goal -- all before some fans had even heard of the project!

    By Wednesday afternoon, it was clear that the first stretch goal was going to be unlocked that day, and it was! When we reached $20,000 in pledges we pledged in return to add 8 sample characters to Transhuman, and we unveiled the third stretch goal in the campaign: at $30,000, we'll give all the freelancers (authors, editors, artists -- but not Posthuman owners) a 15% raise for their Transhuman pay!

  • Transhuman Kickstarter Launches!

    The Kickstarter campaign for Transhuman has launched!

    We are hard at work on Transhuman, the Player's Guide for Eclipse Phase. Transhuman is a player's handbook for Eclipse Phase, full of optional and additional rules and advice. Most importantly, It features two new alternative and simplified character generation systems for Eclipse Phase. One of these uses pre-created packages to build characters, and the other builds off that system but uses random elements to add twists. These systems are designed to make it quick and easy to create a new character or for gamemasters to whip up NPCs as needed.

    Transhuman covers different types of Eclipse Phase characters in detail: AGIs, asyncs, infomorphs, uplifts, infugees, and indentures. In addition to roleplaying advice and optional rules for these specific character types, other elements of the game that affect characters such as insanity, death and memory loss, psychosurgery, nanofabrication, and reputation are explored.