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Artist Looking for a Mobile Base

Hello, ladies, gentlemen, uplifts, artificial intelligences, aliens, and others!
Name's Osiris Keplin, you may have heard of me. I'm a slightly famous morph designer based in the outer systems, on a habitat in the vicinity of Titan. Anyway, I'm looking for any pilots willing to take on a long-term deal (or whatever you'd call it in our economy), touring through the outer system, doing what I do and providing my commodity to the good people that live there. Of course, I already own all the tools I need, but I will require a large workspace on top of the typical requirements. In return I will provide @-rep (or f-rep, if you prefer. I'm not really involved in any other networks), a custom-designed morph, and at any galleries, etc. you will recieve a share of all rep I gain from the event. All of this is, of course, negotiable. I should mention, though, all morphs I design have my signature (on the left forearm if there is one).
Thanks in advance,

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Hello there fellow morph

Hello there fellow morph designer.
If you are still up for the offer I am set to depart from Mars on freighter "Grinning Insomaniac" sometime this week. I did not plan further than my return to Xiphos station, but after encountering your offer on the mesh I considered your tour of the system. As a morph designer such as you surely knows, we are unfortunately bound to our laboratories and artificial wombs therein. Because of that I wasn't able to travel much, except for short egocasting trips. But physical travel on a freighter with functional full-fledged lab was beyond my capabilities. With our resources put together we could realise this idea.
I'm currently burdened only with frozen embryos and 15 morphs in I stage postnatal stored in stassis pods. The sooner they are transfered back to the womb vats the better for them.
I could broker the deal with captain of "Grinning Insomaniac" for us to travel on his ship in exchange for cut of the profits. Please contact me on <12365532.32439323.1233214> so we could exchange betas and settle other details.
Vuko Harkonnen

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Drop by, drop-outs!

If the orbits should carry you past the Carnival of the Goat swarm, make sure to swing by the "Wherever, Whenever, Whatever"; we're in the process of upgrading our ego bridges, and while most material is slated for reclamation, I'm sure we can hammer out a deal, especially if you should have some surplus filtrated carbonaceous compounds (or basically anything that the swarm could need), or interesting genetics; with the latter, open-sourcing might be payment enough, too. Also, I've got some next-gen pod jamming interface software on my hands that is a little too hot to properly liberate yet, but I'm confident that in the course of your travels you'll find some enterprising souls to act as intermediaries.

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