Aren't Remades little too good?

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Aren't Remades little too good?

I mean it's pretty much the best biomorph at for fairy low cost 60CP. It has AP 40 for ALL APs, +10 COG (so best bonus for all hacker characters), +10 SOM (so as good as synthethic bodies), +5 SAV (moderate) and on top of that +5 to two attributes, which makes him also best for combat character (+5 to REF and INT for initiavite).

Not only that- since it has 40 AP max it is super easy to get SOM and REF up to 40 with just few implants without any problem. Which makes Remade rolls vs Knockdown, Unconciouss etc. (SOMx3) auto success even with -20 from 2 wounds (and if you start with ego Pain Threshold 2 you would need to get 3-4 wound at once to even get -10/20 to test). One Adenaline/Reflex Booster mod and we can get REF 40, making him ahead in initiative.

And all of that for only 60 CP.

Why there is no POD or Synth with 40 AP apart from Reaper which of course can't enter to any habitat as no one wants them and generally are not really playable outside of combat missions.

Also why Remade has 40 max SOM and so many Synths do not have max SOM 40. They are robotic shells, already have more strength than any biomorph (+2 DV to unarmed by default) plus can equip pneumatic limbs + muscle augmentation and surpass any biomorph. But at the same time there are very few normal-playable synths with 40 SOM.

Maybe that is just me but if I played biomorph I see no point playing other morph than Remade.

Hell, if not for some Synths armor (Remade with Battlesuit anyone?), Shock-proof I wouldn't even look at anything else than Remade.

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First, remember that morphs

First, remember that morphs aren't permeant. While we'll all disagree on this, I believe it's better to take a Splicer* and load up on your Ego's skills and blueprints (including augmentations) than going for a higher end morph at character creation. You'll generally always be able to pick up a Splicer at a resleeving clinic, maybe with some extra stuff maybe with some bad traits, and with a CM and a healing vat can modify them to perform as well as the higher end morph of your choice for short periods (drug glands are your friend).

Morphs are really good value, until some guy with a plasma rifle or an Exurgent comes along and your buddies retrieve your Cortical Stack (if you're lucky). So you spent 60CP on a Remade, too bad there aren't many of those going spare. They're rare outside the Ultimates and cost a lot, so you'd better have the credits or Rep stored up. Meanwhile the guy who went for a Splicer can get a new body in a couple of days and have it loaded up on implants within the week. Farcasting? Getting a Splicer is easy, probably a choice of several models, while you'll be hard pressed to get a Fury or Ghost at most clinics (and might even get a modified Splicer the clinic refers to as a Fury or Ghost), let alone a Remade. If you're shipping your old body over on ice then you have to spend a while as an infomorph until the thing arrives, which is likely days to months away.

If you are an Ultimate yourself it'll be much easier to get a Remade. But that brings it's own set of roleplaying problems (as does being in a Remade in general). Try going to a high class Venusian Hypercorp gathering at some point, a Remade will be even more out of place than the Sylphs.

Remades are good. Remades are meant to be good. You could buy three Splicers with ten thousand Credits of upgrades for the same CP. Both are worthwhile in their own way. (Other purchases you can make include six splicers, 60,000 credits of blueprints, infinite Flats, two Mentons, three worker pods, twelve Cases, two Synths, three Slitheroids, or sixty skill points. All of which have their uses.)

Now if we stop considering pure ability for the moment, there's a lot of more fun stuff we can do with morphs and egos. Probably my favourite character concept is an Autonomist who has many alpha forks running around the system, all members of Firewall, all of whom send forks of themselves to the other forks on a regular basis. The end result is that each time the rest of the group egocasts they meet you at the resleeving clinic in your basic Splicer with the same character sheet. @-Rep is probably in the 90s in order to represent your forks occasionally pooling resources. It would require me finding a GM willing to run Eclipse Phase and willing to let me play the character, but it could be tons of fun.

* Or a Worker Pod, Case, Synth, or sometimes Bouncer or Exalt, but the idea is to pick something most places will have. Or uplift morphs for uplifts, but I'm not a fan of playing them.

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Generalisation Vs Specialisation.

Taking the social and economic considerations as a given, the usefulness of Remades is highly dependent on character build.

Ignoring the Attributes for a second, Remades are all-rounders - they have a moderate durability and their inbuilt augmentations are general quality-of-life improvements, rather than anything specialized.

Where they shine is their Attribute Bonuses and Attribute Cap of 40, but not all characters will be able to take advantage of these - ideally, the Ego will have multiple attributes above 20/25, representing a pretty major CP/Rez investment.
Building characters so they Cap at 30, perhaps with one attribute that could potentially go higher, cost significantly less and are much more flexible when it comes to morph availability.

Remades are always a good choice, but not always the best choice.

In the past we've had to compensate for weaknesses, finding quick solutions that only benefit a few.
But what if we never need to feel weak or morally conflicted again?